With Limendo Menu you can get to know the menu of your favourite restaurant in a whole new way. Discover previously unknown products and customise your favourite dishes and drinks to your liking.

At the top of Limendo Menu, the header, there are three icons on the right:

  • On the far right are our basic functions. Read more about it right afterwards.
  • In the middle you will find the language settings. Change the language of your menu there. While all functions of Limendo Menu will certainly adapt, it is possible that certain articles are only available in selected languages.
  • To the left of the language settings is the shopping cart. There the number in the small red dot shows you how many items are already in the shopping cart. A click on the shopping cart opens it and shows you all the items you have placed in the shopping cart.

Use the following basic functions. Please note that not all functions are always activated. You can reach

  • Help: A click on "Help" brings you to this help text.
  • Call Service:Ein Klick auf „Service rufen“ sendet Ihrem Servicemitarbeiter eine Nachricht, dass Sie gerne mit ihm sprechen möchten – da Sie entweder eine Frage haben, oder bezahlen möchten.
  • Order: : After you have selected your products, a click on "Order" brings you to the shopping cart. The same shopping cart is also available in the header at the top of the page.
  • Pay: With a "click" on "Pay", you get to the payment mask. You can either pay by credit card or call your waiter to pay with cash.

The menu is sorted by categories. Click on a category to view all items in that category..

Each item contains information about ingredients and allergens. Clicking on an ingredient allows you to view all items with the same ingredients. Discover new articles.

An article can also be associated with certain special categories or price promotions. Here, too, you have the option of filtering according to those. Simply click on a category or promotion and all available items will be displayed.

For certain articles you also have the possibility to adjust them. If this possibility exists, a "Customize" button is visible below the article. Click on this button and in the window that appears you can either remove ingredients or (usually for a fee) add further extras to the article. The allergens contained are also displayed transparently. In this way you can be sure that you are not ordering anything wrong.

After paying you have the possibility to register at Limendo Menu to store your payment details for future orders. In addition, we save your order history for you and allow you to create preferences. This allows you to find your favourite dishes and drinks even faster.

Of course, you can also register free of charge at at any time. If you download our app, you can also order and pay even faster and easier with Limendo Menu in participating establishments. If you open a menu with our app, you will be logged in automatically. A possibly deposited credit card is thus immediately available and discovering, ordering and paying becomes even easier.